Strategic Consulting for Lifesciences: Extensive knowledge for small and large corporations

Over 100 Assignments in

    • Structural Heart Disease
    • Interventional Cardiology & Radiology
    • Heart Failure
    • Pulmonology, devices and drug / devices
    • Asthma, ACOS, COPD, PAH, IPF, BOS
    • Transplantation Medicine (Solid / Stem cells)
    • Sleeping Disorders


      • Start-ups
      • MidCaps
      • NASDAQ companies
      • Venture Capital Firms

Assignment Examples:

Client Type of project Indication Content
Global Healthcare Corp.
Strategic support
Cardio & Vascular
Valvular Heart Diseases Commercial due diligence
Business modelling
Evidence-based Marketing
Start-up company (US) Business planning
Cardio & Vascular
Congestive Heart Failure Business plan work-out
Fund raining support
Clinical contacts for trial initiation
Leading VC (Europe) Due diligence Lung COPD Commercial due Diligence
Start-up company (Europe) Business Development Lung / Drug delivery
COPD, Asthma, PAH,    Viral lung diseases,
Lung tumors
Business development
Clinical portfolio analysis
Licensing deal preparation
Global Healthcare Corp. (US), NASDAQ
Sleep Medicine
Company profiling & Synergy evaluation
Scenarios development & business modeling
Start-up company (US)
Investment planning Hypertension /
Renal denervation
Business plan work-out
Fund raising support
Start-up company (Europe)
Business planning
Transplantation Medicine Business plan work-out
Strategy support